UPDATED: Myriad IT launches infrastructure services

Aims to provide customers with managed services, SaaS and bespoke support

Technology services company, Myraid IT, has launched its newest line of business, Infrastructure Services, to provide its customers with managed services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and bespoke support.

The company said, in a statement, that its customers will be offered a range of infrastructure solutions including system hosting and managed services, traditional infrastructure services, customised helpdesk and infrastructure support, system monitoring and reporting, databases, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Additionally, Myriad IT will host and manage infrastructure to run client applications, including production systems, redundant systems for disaster recovery and archived data to be stored offsite. It claimed its bespoke support services will enable its customers to outsource some or all of their IT support function.

The company also has hired Struan Hijner as its infrastructure services practice manager, to oversee operations within the new business unit.

Hijner told ARN that Myraid IT launched the infrastructure services end of the business as many of its customers were requesting support on their infrastructure.

“There has been a natural growth for us to move into this space. We also did that as we wanted to broaden our services offering – traditionally, we helped them with only hardware and networking support,” he claimed.

In addition, Hijner mentioned that he foresees the launch of this division to enable productivity services such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) into the Cloud.

“The more businesses start using it in context, the more comfortable they will become with their co-applications and we’re already getting quite a number of enquiries about this.”

He added that his first point of focus within the new line of business is establishing the managed services business.

“We have a traditional infrastructure services line looking after hardware and client support. That is our bread and butter and will definitely continue but I’ll be looking into growth and opportunity with managed services,” he said.

Hijner has more than 10 years’ management experience with a particular focus on IT infrastructure and business systems.

Prior to joining Myriad IT’s leadership team, he served in consulting firm, MEAC Group.

“Our ability to translate business needs into effective technology solutions, coupled with a wide range of services positions us to deliver quality outcomes that are the right fit for our clients’ businesses and enable them to take advantage of the benefits of outsourced IT,” Myriad IT CEO, Marcus Simkin, said.

He added that all data will be housed in Myriad IT’s tier 3 datacentre, located in Melbourne and all data will remain in Australia.