Bitdefender’s Clueful app comes to Android

Security vendor’s free iOS app makes the jump to Google’s smartphone platform

Bitdefender has released the Android version of its popular Clueful app on the Google Play store.

The Android version comes nearly one year after the release of the original iOS version on Apple iTunes.

Bitdefender chief security strategist, Catalin Cosoi, said Clueful was a response to a world of apps that is not unlike “the Wild West.”

“It is poorly regulated, chaotic and open to exploitation by unsavory characters,” he said.

At the same time, Cosoi highlights that a smartphone is likely to be the most personal device a person owns.

“It contains private messages, sensitive banking information, personal photos and other data that can leave you vulnerable if handled carelessly,” he said.

Apple’s judgement

What Clueful does is let smartphone users monitor any suspicious or careless apps that are installed on the device.

The software works by looking at instances where privacy in endangered, sensitive data is being handled haphazardly, and private information is being accessed.

“It identifies which apps use your phone and read your messages without permission, send spam notifications, access your photos, send your passwords unencrypted over the internet and more,” Cosoi said.

Clueful makes use of a regularly updated Cloud database by Bitdefender to check what installed apps are a privacy risk, with a “Privacy Score” indicating the overall security status of a scanned device.

The iOS version of Clueful was momentarily pulled from the Apple App Store before it was reinstated a month later, and Cosoi hopes the Android version will not run into the same problem on the Google Play store.

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