Veritas to bundle NAS tools with Sun storage

Veritas Software announced on Tuesday it will bundle its Veritas ServPoint storage software with NAS (network attached storage) systems from Sun Microsystems.

The announcement represents the storage management company's first move into the NAS space, according to Don Foster, the vice president of partner sales for Veritas.

The bundled Veritas/Sun NAS systems will be available through Sun's iForce channel partners such as GE Access and MOCA, Foster said. Sun's iForce initiative delivers complete, pre-tuned system, software, and service packages to resellers, making deployment of the network bundles simpler and faster for the end-users.

Three Veritas/Sun NAS configurations are available, targeted at file serving for smaller workgroups, midsize departments, and larger data centers.

Veritas' ServPoint is a comprehensive suite of storage management tools, complete with Veritas' replications software, volume manager file system, cluster server, and NetBackup, Foster said.

"The VAR [value-added reseller] doesn't have to integrate those tools or bring them into play, they are incorporated within the appliance software," explained Foster. Veritas already bundles its SAN (storage area network) software management tools with Sun SAN products, which operate on Sun's Solaris operating environment, Foster said.

"ServPoint software is Solaris-based, so we could have gone off independently and brought [ServPoint] into our VAR channel, but obviously a cooperative and collaborative venture like this with Sun brings an immediate endorsement of credibility to the solution," Foster said.