Innovision effects distie deal with 3Dpower

Multimedia and graphics distributor Innovision has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with 3Dpower to distribute its range of GeForce graphics cards.

Powered by former 3Dfx graphics processor units (GPUs) acquired by nVIDIA in December last year, the graphics cards are the first to offer genuine performance benefits over existing products according to Boyd Dainton, managing director of Innovision.

"There's really been bugger all difference between products until now," Dainton told ARN. "3Dpower are creating the differentiator."

Innovision picks up the distributorship after a previous supplier relationship with "voodoo" cards manufacturer 3Dfx. As well as maintaining the "voodoo eyes" marketing insignia, 3Dpower has managed to pick up a number of the manufacturer's local and overseas staff.

"In our heyday we were selling 6000 voodoo cards a month at around $300-$400 a piece," said Dainton. "I'd expect to get that back to around 2000 (GeForce) cards a month." GeForce cards range from $150-$995 per unit.

To do this Dainton has earmarked the mass merchant channel including Harvey Norman, Harris Technologies, Games Wizards, Tandy, Dick Smith and the Clive Peters Group to stock the products.

However, after outsourcing its logistics and delivery to BlueCircle, Dainton claims Innovision is now able to cater to a wider range of independent dealers with no minimum order fee.