Ingram Micro and Cisco agree to configure-to-order at Eastern Creek centre

Ingram Micro CTO services to help resellers reduce time-to-market for Cisco UCS solutions

Leading distributor, Ingram Micro, will custom configure Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) solutions in its Configuration Centre at its Advanced Logistics Centre in Eastern Creek.

Custom configuration of Cisco UCS solutions was traditionally done offshore once the reseller, Cisco, and Ingram Micro’s team focused on Cisco had together defined the customer’s specific configuration requirements.

The fully configured solution was then shipped from Cisco’s configuration centre to Australia, cleared through customs, receipted into the warehouse and dispatched to the reseller or the reseller’s customer.

As a result of this new “configure-to-order” agreement the configuration, testing and certification of Cisco UCS solutions will be carried out in Ingram's highly secure 600sqm Configuration Centre by the company's Cisco-certified configuration team.

This purpose-built Centre already provides a wide-range of configure-to-order, testing, hardware-upgrade, software imaging, asset-tagging and other configuration services to resellers.

Each Cisco UCS solution will be fully configured to the customer’s specification, tested, and certified in accordance with Cisco “best-practice” before being dispatched to the reseller - or via “drop-ship” to the end customer - for implementation.

Ingram Micro Senior Director, Enterprise Technology Group, David Lenz, said the new arrangement will enable much greater speed and flexibility for resellers delivering Cisco UCS solutions to their customers.

“With a dedicated, fully-certified Cisco UCS configuration team on the ground here in Australia, we can reduce lead times dramatically, while continuing to provide the high quality of configure-to-order services that Cisco UCS resellers are accustomed to.

"It means our resellers can now specify Cisco UCS solutions and have them configured and ready to start the implementation phase in as little as a week,” he said.

Lenz said Ingram Micro has made significant investment in both its Configuration Centre and in the calibre of the team that runs it.

“This is not about putting a new coat of paint on a room and moving some tables around - Ingram has made a real, tangible investment in meeting the short term and long term needs of the Australian market.

He said it was an indication of Ingram's long term commitment to the local market and to providing a platform for further expanding its service capabilities to support the local channel.”

Cisco Australia managaing director, Sara Adams, said, “By authorising Ingram Micro as a Cisco UCS configure-to-order distribution partner in Australia, we’re enabling our mutual partners to reduce turnaround times and accelerate product delivery to customers, while utilising distribution to complement their technical support team and further reduce the costs of doing business.”

The new agreement takes effect as of October 9.

“We’ve got everything in stock, so we can supply all the servers and components needed straight from our warehouse shelves to the Configuration Centre located just metres away in the same building – which is extremely efficient,” Lenz said.