Brainworth looking for student support

On the verge of beta launch, but requires funding assistance

Australian start-up, Brainworth, is making its final push to attract future students and enthusiasts as it readies itself to launch an educational online game world for adults.

Brainworth is a computer science education program that is being designed to deliver high-level programming subjects in a series of challenges, tasks, and games, and will branch out from there into other fields of science and business.

It is targeted at tertiary students looking to test and improve their skills by providing new means of collaboration and education organisation.

“Brainworth is an online learning platform, designed to have the advantages of one to one education,” Brainworth CEO, Ben Sand, said. “We’ve put years into making Brainworth all it can be, and are finally in the closing stages of polishing it for release.”

As it prepares for beta launch, which is coming “very soon,” Sand is hoping that fans will assist the project through a new Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign has a $100,000 target, and has had $13,999 pledged in its first four days.