Lady Gaga to Little Monsters: 'start asking for IPADS FOR XMAS!!'

The singer is promising a full-flung multimedia experience for her forthcoming album, ARTPOP
  • Bob Brown (Network World)
  • 06 September, 2012 19:40

Apple even has the benefit of Lady Gaga fanning hype around its iPad and smartphone leading into next week's anticipated iPhone 5 announcement. The singer this week encouraged her fans (a.k.a. Little Monsters) to "start asking for IPADS FOR XMAS!!" in order to showcase her upcoming album, dubbed ARTPOP.

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Following her original website post titled "ARTPOP is not just an ALBUM its a PROJECT," Lady Gaga did comfort her Little Monsters that they actually will be able to enjoy her new album even if they don't have an iPad or iPhone, as it will also be available in traditional formats and as an app on platforms such as Android. "Do not fret!" she wrote in a post following up her original announcement.

The singer is promising a full-flung multimedia experience, including films to go with each song, fashion updates, games and more. She cited Iceland's Bjork as the pioneer in delivering an album as an app.

Lady Gaga's latest iPad reference is far more positive than iPad headlines involving her late last year, when her Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked for the purpose of leading followers to a scam website offering a free iPad 2.

Also last year, two German men were sentenced in a Duisberg court for hacking computers containing material belonging to Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre and other musicians, stealing their banking data and accessing email accounts.

Gaga has incorporated technology efforts into much of her work, and she has even worked as a creative director for Polaroid, showing off combination sunglasses/camera at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011. 

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