DPSA signs two new vendors in Australia

To distribute Zellabox and Talariax solutions

Specialist IT distributor, DPSA, has announced that it has expanded its Australia business by taking on two new vendors for the country, Zellabox and Talariax.

Zellabox is a manufacturer of micro datacentres for remote and specialised IT environments.

Talariax is the manufacturer of the sendQuick SMS Server, a plug-and-play appliance for sending and receiving SMS alerts to mobile phones.

According to DPSA CEO, Jacques Tesson, Zellabox’s solutions were taken on board as they reflect a direct fit with the distributor’s existing offerings.

“The Zellabox is unique, providing a complete datacentre in a box,” Tesson said.

“Being self-contained and air-tight, it keeps equipment safe and dust-free, so it’s perfect for has environment because it runs quietly.”

Tesson said that both the Zellabox Cubb and Cubb Duo solutions will open up new markets and opportunities for the DPSA reseller network.

Like the Zellabox, the Talariax agreement was signed due to the fitting nature of its offerings.

“We see the sendQuick appliance as another really good fit with our existing offerings,” Tesson said. “As an appliance, it is easy to install and maintain… making it an ideal system for datacentre, IT infrastructure, IT management and security infrastructure.”