Telstra to provide underground mobile coverage in Sydney

Follows Optus’ move to switch on coverage in selected Sydney railway tunnels

Telstra has extended its mobile coverage to enable Sydney CBD rail commuters to utilise its Next G mobile network.

Telstra’s announcement follows Optus’ recent move to switch on coverage in selected Sydney railway tunnels.

The company said it has completed the first stage of a mobile network extension in the city’s underground rail network and the first stage of the project provides mobile communications for North Shore line commuters from Central to North Sydney.

Telstra director of network and commercial planning, Anthony Goonan, said the new coverage incorporates 3G Dual Channel HSPA+ technology, with download speeds of 1-20Mbps.

It has plans to upgrade to 4G/LTE technology soon.

“This project has been many years in the planning and now commuters will now be able to enjoy all the benefits which come with that including high quality calls, communicating via email and accessing social media and Internet,” Goonan said.

He added that Telstra is looking forward to working closely with the NSW State Government to complete the next stages of the project that will see extended coverage throughout the City Circle and the Eastern Suburbs lines.