APP OF THE DAY: Live Traffic NSW

A live traffic report, app style

Live Traffic NSW
Cost: Free | Developer:RTA NSW | Platform:iOS | Version 1.1.10 | 3.7MB | 4.0+

Live Traffic NSW, as the name suggests, is a news service that reports traffic incidents and conditions throughout the state.

The app has two main features: ‘live traffic’ and ‘traffic cameras’.

The ‘live traffic’ tab offers a text and map view of recorded incidents. You are able to select a particular area for which you want to view traffic, or alternatively, look at the entire state.

Although the text view is the lite option when it comes to data usage, it can be annoying to use depending on how many incidents are recorded; no search bar and no alphabetical list on the right hand side means a cluster of text. The map view proves to be much more efficient as it shows pins which you can then zoom towards to view the exact street on which an incident occurred.

All reported incidents can be tapped for detailed information.

What is really handy is that the RTA reports events too, which means you can avoid certain areas if there is a game of league happening.

For commuters, allocated regions can be saved to your favourites for quick access.

The ‘traffic cameras’ feature of the app lets you (again, in both text and map view) access the cameras scattered across the state for a look into just how bad traffic is. The ‘live’ image is updated every 60 seconds. Each image is time-stamped, and features a short description on which road and direction you are facing.

Pros: Easy to use, detailed, run by the RTA.

Cons: Dependent on whether RTA feels that an accident is significant enough to report.

Verdict: Considering how poor the traffic conditions can be in NSW, particularly Sydney, this app can be used to save a bunch of time.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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