Eliminates encoding time for more viewing time.

VLC Player
Cost: Free | Developer: VLC Mobile Team | Platform: Google Android | Version: 0.1 | Size: 7.1 MB

Do you enjoy watching videos on your smartphone? Of course you do. But do you enjoy re-encoding videos to make them viewable on the device?

The answer will most likely be 'no', as it is often a hassle having to find a decent encoder and then manually encode the videos so they work in the limitations of the smartphone video player.

VLC aims to eliminate that entire step, where you simply drag and drop the same video files you view on your PC straight onto your smartphone to view them.

The video player includes numerous open source codecs, so most of the popular video formats such as mkv, mov, and avi are support for immediate playback.

Pros: Supports a large amount of video formats.

Cons: Device support is limited only to those with ARMv7 CPUs.

Verdict: Eliminates encoding time for more viewing time.

Get it here: Google Play

This app was reviewed on a HTC One X.

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