Siemens wins Layer 2 multimillion-dollar Asian deal

Siemens Australia, a unit of Germany's Siemens AG, has won a "multi-million dollar" contract to supply the optical networks, edge routing, and operational and technical support solutions in Asia for wholesale IP services provider Layer 2 Communications Group.

The agreement between Siemens and Layer 2, an initial party to the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2), will involve Siemens supplying the equipment and support required to roll out Layer 2's network.

The roll out will see initial points of presence spanning five countries, including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S.

David Huck, general manager, optical networks, Siemens said the roll out of Layer 2's network will be fairly parallel between the five countries initially, and will start in the fourth quarter this year.

Layer 2 will establish a network operations centre in Perth with engineering testing capabilities in October 2001.

This will be followed by the introduction of point-to-point leased bandwidth services and international private leased services using Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technologies.

Layer 2 claims the company's equity position in APCN 2 matches that of major carriers in the region such as StarHub and Telstra. The cable will connect 10 cities in Asia, extending from Singapore, to Korea and Japan, and is scheduled to be operational in October 2001 with an initial capacity of 160G bps (bits per second), progressively reaching its design capacity of 2.5T bps by the final quarter of 2004.

Siemens will supply Layer 2 with a turnkey solution across the five countries making up its network, as well as operational and technical support and a network operations center in each country.

The initial network will consist of Siemens Series 4 SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy), SMA (synchronous multiplexer add/drop) 16 Add Drop Multiplexers, and Unisphere Networks ERX - 1400 Edge Routers.