The coolest Android accessories around

We tracked down some of the coolest Android-themed knickknacks, gizmos, and fashion items around.
  • JR Raphael (IDG News Service)
  • 30 May, 2012 19:45

These days, Android is more than just a platform: It's a club, a culture, a way of life. Android fans are into it, man, and they're itching to show off their mobile-minded pride.

From gadgets to knickknacks and clothing to jewelry, there's no shortage of eye-catching Android swag out there. Here are some of the most interesting, unique, and memorable items around.

(Note: Prices and availability are accurate as of the writing of this story and may change over time.)

1. Squishable Android

What better way to show your love for Android than with a giant huggable green robot dude? The Squishable Android takes the familiar Android mascot ("Bugdroid," as he's officially known) and puts him in a soft plush form that's sure to grab attention and affection. If you really want to get wild, try using him in place of your desk chair; I promise he won't mind.

Available from for $39; also available in smaller Mini ($19) or Micro ($8.50) editions or as a humongous bean bag ($138).

2. Android Cookie Jar

I don't know about you, but this ceramic Android cookie jar combines two of my favorite interests: Android and baked goods. (For some reason, no one's asked me to review a cookie yet. I need to work on that.) The Android Cookie Jar is 9 inches tall with a 6-inch-deep belly for storing all your sweet treats. Just don't blame me if you gain 20 pounds after putting him on your desk.

Available from for $35.15.

3. Honeycomb Speaker

Honeycomb may have been a transitional version of Android, but its robot-bee logo remains one of the platform's most memorable visualizations. Now you can show your Android street cred with a portable Honeycomb Speaker. The speaker is a winged Honeycomb bee with a USB connector. You can get it in red, orange, blue, white, or green; painful stinging sensation not included.

Available from for $15.

4. Andru USB Phone Charger

One of the most innovative pieces of Android swag around, the Andru USB Phone Charger doubles as a desk trinket and portable charger for almost any Android phone. Andru stands at attention (you can position his arms however you like); when your phone needs juice, all you do is pull his feet out of the base to reveal a standard electrical plug, then attach the microUSB cable into his head and hook him up to an outlet. Andru's eyes even light up blue when he's charging and white when he's in standby.

Available from for $25.

5. Hungry Android T-Shirt

Google liked this illustration enough to feature it front and center at its 2011 I/O developers' conference; now, you can wear it proudly on your very own person. The Hungry Android T-Shirt, sold directly by the artist, shows the now-famous image of the Android robot munching on an apple over matching green material. Mmm...the symbolism is delicious.

Available from for $22.25.

6. Yodaroid T-Shirt

Combine Android with Yoda, and what do you get? The ultimate geek treasure, that's what. May the (open) source be with you.

Available from for $24.54.

7. Glow in the Dark Android Keychain

Don't let darkness cloak your Android adoration. The Glow in the Dark Android Keychain keeps your favorite green robot in sight day and night. A warning, though: It does require a little exposure to light each day in order for its glow-in-the-dark abilities to activate. Consider it extra motivation to emerge from your dimly lit computer cave.

Available from for $6.99.

8. Android Light Switch Cover

While we're on the subject on darkness, have you seen the official Android Light Switch Cover? Just take off your old switch plate, screw this one on, and get a nice bit of Bugdroid every time you flick the lights on or off. (Hint: Consult your significant other before installing in the bedroom. Trust me.)

Available from for $5.10.

9. Android Mini Collectibles

You can't talk about Android swag without mentioning Andrew Bell's awesome Android Mini Collectibles. The figurines are produced in partnership with Google (and are adored by many a Googler -- go figure). The collectibles have taken on tons of different designs over the years, and with new ones coming out every few months, you'll never run out of fresh little friends to acquire.

Available from and other retailers; prices vary.

10. USB Robot microSD Card Reader

It may not have the word "Android" in its name, but it's abundantly clear that the USB Robot microSD Card Reader is made with Google in mind. Each reader comes in an Bugdroid-shaped case with two Bugdroid-shaped keychains inside. Pop off the keychains' heads, and you'll find standard USB connectors. On the other side sits a slot for any microSD card; slide one in, and you've got a fully functioning card-reading-and-writing accessory in your hand.

Available from for $9 (pack of two).

11. Exploded Andy T-Shirt

A true Android classic, the Exploded Andy T-Shirt dissects Mr. Droid to show off the gears -- and, yes, the heart -- inside. The eye-catching design comes from artist Garry Booth and is a favorite of Android fans worldwide.

Available from for $15.

12. Android Family Decals

Screw the generic stick figures. If you're gonna put family stickers on your car, why not let a robot represent your loved ones? Your kids will thank you later.

Available from for $9.95.

13. Android Watch Set

Those Android-powered watches aren't quite ready for prime time yet, but that doesn't mean you can't wear Google on your wrist today. The Android Watch Set puts the sight of Android onto a fancy Modify-brand watch that'll let you tell time in style. The watch is available with a small or large face and comes with an interchangeable band (one in black, one in white).

Available from for $59.95.

14. Android Tie

I don't have to wear a tie to my job -- thank God -- but if I did, you can bet I'd be rockin' an Android-themed attachment around my neck. This tie shows the Android logo with a traditional blue background, making for a geek-friendly fashion statement that's sure to get noticed.

Available from for $29.95.

15. Android Tie Bar Clip

If you really want to give your dress clothes a classy yet Googley kick, check out the Android Tie Bar Clip. Handcrafted from sterling silver, the clip is the creation of a jewelry-loving artist named Dedalo. This one won't be for everyone, but it's a standout piece of swag that's certainly worth seeing.

Available from for $65.

16. Android Belt Buckle

My, your midregion looks striking today. Bring bling to your belt with Google's Android Belt Buckle, a hand-painted pewter accessory for the top of your pants. Because hey, who doesn't want extra attention in that area?

Available from for $17.08.

17. Crocheted Android Robot

There's something special about a one-of-a-kind handmade craft, and the Crocheted Android Robot is bursting from the seams with that supercool quality. California-based artist Christina Dugan makes each robot to order -- you can even request different body colors or eye colors if you want -- and infuses each one with a burst of craftsman's love.

Available from for $16.

18. Android Hoodie

Take that, Zuck!

Available from for $51.75 (ladies version also available).

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