APP OF THE DAY: Viber - free phone calls and text

A money-saver that eliminates the need for expensive phone plans

Viber – Free Phone Calls & Text
Cost: Free | Developer:Viber Media | Platform:iOS/Android | Version 2.1.5 | 12.7MB | 4.0+

Viber is an essential alternative for smartphone users who don’t wish to sign up to expensive plans.

The app gives users the ability to make/receive phone calls and send/receive text messages via a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection to/from anyone in the world – all free of charge.

When launched for the first time, the app requires you to select your country and input your phone number, at which point it texts you an activation code. Setup takes no more than 30 seconds.

Viber is very simple and logical in design. Essentially, it merges the iOS’s Phone and Messages apps into one, and throws in a ‘more’ tab (settings) for good measure.

Operation is sound. There is no form of delay when using it, and calls/texts work well.

Sound quality is impressive too – no distortion or volume issues were experienced during testing.

The app is always operational. It has standard push notifications so your phone rings if you are receiving a call or text. Its producers also claim that this functionality does not drain battery.

Of course, the downsides to the app are apparent. Firstly, the person you are in contact with must have an iOS/Android device and the app installed. To make life a bit easier, the settings allow you to invite friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and email so they can take advantage of the service.

Secondly, you must have access to a Wi-Fi connection, or plenty of 3G/4G data allowance, as well as a stable provider so you can use the service, and to avoid unbearable lag. Basically, if you have two bars, you will get annoyed.

Pros: Free to download, free calls and text, basic UI for easy use.

Cons: Requires Wi-Fi connectivity or impressive 3G.

Verdict: An extremely useful money-saver, ideal for those who are constantly in range of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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