Alfresco expands its partner ecosystem

Adds Permeance Technologies and Androgogic

Open platform for content management, Alfresco, has added two partners, Permeance Technologies and Androgogic, to its growing Australian channel base.

They join Seed Information Management, Lateral Minds and Mahindra Satyam.

Perth-based Permeance Technologies joins Alfresco as a systems integrator, focused on open technologies, such as content management, enterprise portal and development projects.

Alfresco Asia-Pacific sales director, Barry Costin, said Permeance’s emphasis in content management, as well as its sales and delivery capabilities enables it to utilise the value of Alfresco’s ECM platform to provide business systems to customers.

Sydney-based provider of educational technology strategy and systems, Androgogic, was signed on as the education sector is a strong market for Alfresco globally.

With a focus on providing technology to educational organisations of all sizes, it believes that Androgogic will enable it to further grow its business in the sector.

According to Alfresco, the addition of the two partners enables it with greater reach across state and vertical markets.

It comes at a time when the Alfresco operation requires greater partner support to meet customer demand, as more and more Australian public and private organisations migrate ECM deployments to open source and adopt a cross-platform approach to content management.

“A large number of companies are looking very closely at the large amounts of money they’ve been spending with proprietary enterprise content management products.

“They also know the historical Microsoft-centric view of devices and end-user productivity is rapidly crumbling under the pressure of new platforms. In addition, there’s the steady march toward Cloud services for content management,” Costin said.

The partnerships follow Alfresco’s business growth, especially in the open source market.

The company aims to double its technical support team in the coming months and will add to the direct sales and solution engineering headcount.

“Our focus is still very much on building a partner ecosystem that provides us with complete geographic coverage across A/NZ, so in the coming quarters we will look at appointing additional partners in Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra,” Costin stated.

He also said they could possibly add one or two more partners in Sydney and Melbourne but its approach remains to sign on fewer and deeper relationships.