Telstra pushes Randstad into the Cloud

The telco will also help the HR services firm deploy telephony services including 4G enterprise mobile broadband services

Telstra has snapped up a three-year contract to provide migrate HR services firm, Randstad, to the Cloud and to provide telecommunication services including 4G enterprise mobile telephony services.

The objective is to gradually move the company onto Telstra Cloud services so to maximise Randstad’s return-on-investments of its legacy hardware.

In June 2011, Telstra committed to invest $800 million over the next five years to boost its Cloud computing business.

Randstad’s 50 offices will be connected to the telco’s Next IP network and IP telephony will be used for the company’s 1000 staff along with Next G mobile phones as well as 4G enterprise mobile broadband services.

The HR services firm is looking forward to the consolidation of services to a single-vendor and savings from not having to invest so much in hardware refresh.

“The scalability and flexibility benefits of the Cloud model in particular, support our growth strategy within the Asia-Pacific region,” Randstad CIO, Kevin O’Neill, said in a statement.

Telstra’s 4G network will also help improve employee connectivity and collaboration, he said.

“Through Telstra, Randstad has also been able to improve its disaster recovery capability. This was evidenced by the Queensland floods when staff were able to work remotely using the mobile data network which minimised the impact on the broader Randstad business,” O’Neill said.