McAfee’s Gavin Struthers promoted to senior VP of worldwide channel operations

Security firm veteran promoted into senior VP role after leading the company’s Asia-Pacific channels and alliances sales team

Gavin Struthers has been promoted from his role as APAC vice-president of channels, alliances, and specialist sales at McAfee to worldwide channel operations senior vice-president.

He oves into the recently vacated role after heading up the Asia-Pacific channels and alliances sales team for three years.

Struthers has been with McAfee for 10 years, having been involved in enterprise sales for Australia and being the A/NZ country manager for four years.

Following the resignation of former worldwide channel operations senior vice-president, Alex Thurber, McAfee looked internally and externally for a replacement for some time before finally settling on Struthers.

“We had a really good run in Asia-Pacific in the last three years, building a solid program and getting good results,” Struthers said.

“Them coming to me with this position is a testament to the success we’ve had in the region in the last few years.”

The demands of the role will require Struthers to relocate from Australia to Santa Clara, California, in the next six weeks, where he will take on the global role at McAfee’s head office.

“For me, it both a promotion and the next level of growth,” Struthers said.

“California’s Silicon Valley is the hub of IT, so I look forward to being amongst peers in the industry.”

The reason for his relocation is that McAfee runs many of its cross functions, be it marketing or operations, directly from its head office in America.

While he has not worked in the US before, this is not Struthers first experience working overseas, having already been to Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.

“I have travelled a lot and I expect I will continue to do that, but to more countries so that I cover all of the regions more appropriately,” he said.

As Australia forms one of the bigger regions for McAfee on the business side, as well as the company’s APAC headquarters, Struthers expects to be visiting the country often.

McAfee will be hiring a replacement for Struthers but the company had not yet nominated or named who will take the role.

Struthers says that the company is “quite well into the process” of finding the replacement and an announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

According to Struthers, McAfee is looking for somebody who has broad-ranging experience in general management and is also sales and business development oriented.

“We are a big believer in the channel making numbers and generating profits, which translates into them making sales and being successful,” he said.

“That’s one of the reasons we’ve had the right outcomes on profitability, which means whoever comes into this role has to be good with working with partners on sales strategies, as well as Asia-Pacific experience.”