Netscape embraces Linux in server software

As Linux fans gear up for Linux World Expo, Netscape Communications yesterday announced support for the ever more popular open source operating system in its Netscape Directory Server, Netscape Messaging Server, and Netscape Delegated Administrator software.

Netscape also announced that it is working with several Linux systems vendors including Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and VA Research Linux Systems, as well as Linux software vendors such as Caldera Systems and Red Hat Software to ensure comprehensive Linux support is available for Linux-based server software, operating systems, and hardware platforms, according to the company.

The availability of these Netscape server products on Linux is a move that provides customers with the scalability, reliability, and open-standards support that is required for competing in what Netscape describes as the "Net Economy," according to Netscape officials.

Netscape Directory Server provides real-time directory and security services that enable centralised, low cost management of enterprise Internet applications.

Netscape Messaging Server is high-performance Internet messaging software targeted at large enterprises and ISPs that need to offer reliable messaging services to millions of users simultaneously, according to the company.

Netscape Delegated Administrator 4.0 is an Internet application which delegates user and account management for customer self-service. ISPs and enterprises doing business through an extranet are able to delegate limited management of the directory -- such as updating account or user information via the Web -- to remote administrators and end users.

Netscape Directory Server and Netscape Messaging Server for the Linux operating environment are now in beta, and Netscape Delegated Administrator is generally available now.