A good tool for car/truck/motorbike lovers

Car Care
Cost: $US2.99 | Developer: KB Productions| Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad| Version: 1.41 | 3.8MB |

Care Care is an app for maintaining vehicles. It doesn’t restrict itself to cars as it is compatible with a number of automobiles including pickup trucks and motorbikes.

One of its main functions is to track fuel usage. Regardless of the model or make of the car, the app is able to track its fuel mileage. Users can track as many cars as they want.

Care Care is able to provide fuel economy reports in a number of formats including kilometres per litre. It can also produce graphs of a user’s fuel data.

Detailed statistics is available which include how different types of fuel perform in a user’s car and it can even remember important vehicle maintenance actions as well as display reminders for when a car needs to be serviced.

Pros: Useful, displays informative information, easy to use.

Cons: None!

Verdict: A good tool for car/truck/motorbike lovers.

Get it here: Apple App Store

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