Brennan IT invests $1.5 million to upgrade Cloud services

Infrastructure-as-a-Service cash injection expected to provide as much as 40 per cent revenue growth in a long-term investment

Brennan IT has made a $1.5 million investment in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in anticipation of substantial and long-term growth in the area.

The investment will allow the Cloud provider to deploy more disaster recovery solutions and management tools, with the main hardware involved to be the EMC VNX SANs, and will also involve a migration to Cisco equipment.

Brennan IT currently has 150 businesses on its IaaS solutions, and managing director, Dave Stevens, claims that the new investment is expected to service a 30-40 per cent revenue growth into the future.

“This is a longer term ROI business for us,” he said. “There will be a long tail, but for many of our customers it is the right way to approach computing. We consider IaaS to be one step further than just cloud, and the combination of additional solutions ticks a lot of boxes for our customers.”

Those customers will continue to be the 300-500 seat mid-sized organisations that have been Brennan’s homeland, Stevens added.

Recent IaaS customers include Super A-Mart, Bankstown City Credit Union, Northline, CQMS Razor and the Rendezvous Hospitality Group.

“It’s a tough market; tougher than it’s been for the last 2-3 years,” Stevens said. “Strong growth products in the portfolio are offsetting the less strong lines for us though.

“And that said, we’re not seeing any real pressure from the perspective of competition. There are only a couple of organisations out there that compete in the same space as us, and the space is more about who has the best overall solution, rather than on a products basis.”