Palm launches budget PDA

Palm has introduced the Zire handheld, a no-frills personal digital assistant that is aimed at first-time PDA users. The Zire weighs 108 grams and is the lightest Palm handheld available today, according to a company statement, and has the same price as the existing low-end model, the m105. The Zire runs Palm OS 4.1, has a 160x160-pixel monochrome display, a Motorola Dragonball 16MHz processor and 2MB of memory. The device lacks an expansion slot but comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. A cable for synchronising with a PC or Mac over USB (Universal Serial Bus) is included with the Zire; wireless sharing of information and files with other Palm PDAs is also possible with infrared, Palm said.

The Zire has an estimated street price of $239 and is available immediately.