Adaptec plugs Siltek gap with Synnex

Adaptec has appointed Synnex as a national distributor to fill the void left by the collapse of its former distributor Siltek.

Synnex joins Tech Pacific, Lan 1 and Digiland as distributors of Adaptec products.

Demetri Christodoulou, Adaptec's country manager for Australia and New Zealand, said the demise of Siltek was the primary reason for the new distribution agreement, but he was also keen to point out what attracted the vendor to Synnex. "They are becoming a big player in Australia," he said. "They have a good name in the marketplace."

Christodoulou said he did not expect any objection from Adaptec's existing distributors. "I think they would have expected us to react in the way we have," he said. "It was no surprise."

He feels that each distributor plays a different role in the market, with Tech Pacific having the ability to serve retail, Lan 1 specialising in value-added services, Digiland having a national presence, and now Synnex serving the rest of the channel community.

Christodoulou said Adaptec also chose Synnex due to a need for a distributor that was closely aligned with strategic partners such as Seagate, which also distributed with Adaptec through Siltek.

"The other issue is that Synnex is doing well," Christodoulou said. "They are profitable and we've recently we've realised how important that is."