Intel sets up solutions centre in Sydney

Intel's Australian operation has opened a multi-million dollar solution centre in Sydney to help accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge e-business applications on its technology.

David Bolt, general manager of Intel Australia the Sydney center will help e-business solutions providers, systems integrators, systems manufacturers, software vendors and companies deploying e-business systems.

The centre aims to help enterprises reduce the total cost of ownership of all e-business components by migrating, optimizing and consolidating solutions on Intel architecture.

"Customers can evaluate, enhance and scale their e-business infrastructure, identify and create solution stacks to reduce the risk of deploying new applications and technologies in most environments," Bolt said.

He said the centres are based on a cost recovery model only, and fees are charged only to recover the cost of resources.

The Sydney centre is linked to a worldwide network of Intel and affiliate solution centers, providing access to an extensive range of resources. It is one of 17 such centers worldwide in which the company says it has invested US$100 million.

In Australia, customers can access the Intel Solution Centre from sites in Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as through numerous alliance centers.