DH heralds new POS market for NCR

Point-of-sale (POS) distributor DH Technology has rung up a deal with NCR Australia's retail division to target the small and independent retail market.

In doing so, NCR has launched a new hardware system, NCR 7448 POS, which it is bundling with its NeighbourhoodPOS software application and a range of general purpose barcode scanners. NCR's 7448 POS is based on Microsoft Windows CE operating system, has low licencing fees and a small form factor, claim NCR officials.

The move marks the first real foray into the tier-three and tier-four end of the retail market for NCR, which has traditionally been strong with large and national retail chains.

The agreement will see DH Technology become a national distributor for NCR, and charged with establishing the vendor's presence in the low-end space, says Robert Sasse, NCR's marketing manager RSD South Asia Pacific.

Sasse attributed DH Technology's established presence in the small-to-medium retail sector and its network of more than 500 resellers as the basis for the distributor's appointment.