APP OF THE DAY: Oz Weather

"Oz Weather is a crème-de-la-crème of weather applications"

Oz Weather
Cost: $US1.99 | Developer:ozPDA | Platform: iPhone/ iPod/iPad | Version 2.5.1 | 7.2 MB | iOS 3.0+

Australian weather is more unpredictable than lotto so a good weather application on your phone can become your best friend.

I used to think the default iPhone weather app was solid enough until I found Oz Weather.

I felt like I had upgraded from a Toyota to a Lamborghini.

Oz Weather is a crème-de-la-crème of weather applications. Yes, it forecasts the weather with readily available information but if offers so much more.

While it shows the current and past weather of major capital cities, you can hone in on the specific towns – more than 250 of them. From there you can gleam the UV index, apparent temperature, dewpoint, humidity, rainfall… you get the point.

The app also provides in-depth forecast but the best thing about Oz Weather is the Radar function, which provides a moving radar map so you can tell where the rain clouds are moving. Just brilliant.

If you’ve ever been rained on during a picnic, you need to get Oz Weather.

Pros: The design is clear and stylish, provides detailed weather information, hones in on smaller towns, very useful.

Cons: Cost money but hey, you can’t have it all…

Verdict: A great tool to cope with Australia’s crazy weather patterns.

Get it here: Apple iTunes Store

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