Magellan clips GPS onto Pocket PCs

Magellan GPS Systems has launched a GPS clip-on receiver for the Compaq iPAQ and Toshiba Pocket PC range of PDAs. The GPS Clip incorporates a global positioning system (GPS) and PDA Mapper software, which converts the handheld to a GPS navigation receiver. Magellan has worked with Australian Street Level Map Data to provide a CD-ROM containing general map data of the whole of Australia. Highly detailed data such as city and country streets, unsealed roads, tracks and points of interest are included on an additional data CD. As an introductory offer, Magellan is including a detailed street map of one state free of charge. The mapper software has many of the functions associated with a normal GPS receiver such as waypoints, routes, track plot and satellite status. Waypoints and routes can be transferred from the PDA to the computer, and vice versa.

The receivers retail for $750 and are available immediately.