UberGlobal, Parallels and Microsoft target health community cloud automation

Two-year strategic relationship focused on meeting global needs of health industry

Virtualisation and automation software provider, Parallels, has partnered with IT giant, Microsoft,to deliver a complete cloud automation solution that meets the global needs of the health industry.

Joint partner of Parallels, UberGlobal, will use the solution to deliver Cloud services directly to Australian businesses.

The Parallels and Microsoft health community cloud automation partnership will enable large healthcare institutions to generate private, public and hybrid cloud networks and get instant access to critical information by key stakeholders such as doctors, administrators and insurance providers.

The two companies plan to invest up to $US5 million in product development, professional services and joint sales and marketing, to increase the global use of cloud computing services within the health sector.

In Australia, Parallels will provide an end-tier reseller platform for larger organisations and distribution networks.

UberGlobal chief marketing officer, Steven De Costa, said, “Hosters will be able to connect through Parallels to work a diverse ecology of service providers, rapidly on board the independent software vendors’ applications and then provide those through to the reseller networks and customers.”

Parallels will leverage Microsoft Cloud Services as a part of the Health Community Cloud Automation (HCCA) solution.

Key elements of the HCCA are: industry leadership, professional services and consulting, and marketing and sales.

Parallels vice-president of marketing and alliances, John Eng, said health departments will be able to adopt services such as Hyper-V, in terms of infrastructure-as-a –service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Link.

“If you look at end user applications, there will be healthcare type of Independent Software Vendors [ISVs] that will be able to participate in this infrastructure and agencies will be able to use these applications on the Cloud,” he said.

UberGlobal Enterprise CEO, Brian Sharpe, said the explosion in cloud computing and the service that Microsoft is providing validates the company’s technology roadmap.

“We are seeing a fast uptake in companies and government agencies wanting to use the Cloud. I suggest that this will double our revenue in the enterprise space,” he said.

The company has already inked an uptake with a local federal government agency and is in the midst of engaging with other government agencies.

The IaaS and SaaS will be launched to the business and consumer market within the next six to eight weeks.

Further information on the wholesale option for resellers to offer the same solution will be available upon registering.

More information on the partnership is available from or the UberGlobal website.

By early September, UberGlobal will announce a wholesale relationship with a major distributor.