PRODUCTS: WatchGuard releases XCS software update

Features data loss and spam prevention techniques for email security appliances

Security vendor, WatchGuard Technologies, has released a software update to its extensible content security (XCS) range of Web and messaging security appliances.

The release enables businesses to benefit from new data loss prevention (DLP) features, content and policy controls for accelerating web traffic and spam and phishing prevention technologies.

According to Watchguard Technologies regional director for A/NZ, Scott Robertson, company email is the prime target of hackers looking for sensitive data.

“Not only is email the easiest way into the business network, but it is also the primary egress point for confidential data. Because of this, WatchGuard has improved its DLP capabilities so that sensitive data stays safe behind the corporate firewall,” he said.

The company aims to provide mainstream business environments with the benefits of enterprise-strength DLP as until recently, the technology has been predominately referred to organisations with the staff or resources capable of managing the administrative complexities.

Features of the update include: a new DLP wizard, content and context-based anti-spam protection, a new Web proxy, uncategorised URL enhancements and controls, critical Web traffic improvements, a frequent tasks screen and its QMS Integration Wizard.

The new WatchGuard XCS release is available for upgrading all XCS products and Web security subscription pricing is relative to the XCS appliance purchased.

The company also most recently revealed the WatchGuard XTM 2050.