Intel cuts prices on mobile Celerons

Intel on Sunday quietly cut the prices on some of its mobile Celeron processors.

The 800MHz version of the company's entry-level mobile processor is now priced at $US107 from the company, a 37 decrease from $170. The company also reduced the price of its 750MHz to $91, down from $134, and the 700MHz was reduced in price from $96 to $75, according to information on the company's Web site.

Prices are in 1,000 unit quantities, a standard measurement for purchasing chips.

Intel last month dropped the prices of its entire desktop Celeron family, and of some Pentium III chips for both desktop and notebook machines. At the time, price drops in the desktop Celeron family ranged from 38 per cent on its fastest version, the 850MHz, to 7 per cent on its 667MHz version.