Google to drop support of older browsers

Software giant will soon only support current and prior versions of major browsers

Starting from August 1, Google will only support the current and prior major releases of the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Web browsers.

Support for Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 and their predecessors will be dropped, with Google supporting any new version updates and in turn ending support for the third-oldest version.

“For Web applications to spring even farther ahead of traditional software, our teams need to make use of new capabilities available in modern browsers,” Google Vice-President of Engineering, Venkat Panchapakesan, said.

“Older browsers just don’t have the chops to provide you with the same high-quality experience.”

With Google continually adding innovative features into its products, such as desktop notifications in Gmail and drag-and-drop file upload in Google Docs, HTML5 support in today’s advanced browsers is becoming necessary.

Certain features in Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Sites might behave erratically following the end of support, and eventually may stop working at all.

The move is also seen as a way for Google to further strengthen the security of their services.

Google encourages users to acquire the latest version of their favourite browser to ensure the highest level of compatibility with their products.