Convergence Review Committee engages with social media

Online discussion pages launched to promote public engagement with committee framing paper

The Convergence Review Committee has launched online discussion pages to facilitate public engagement with its framing paper, released on April 28. Along with the online pages, the committee is also using social networking sites, Twitter and FaceBook to extend the discussion and offer updates for the duration of the review.

The Convergence Review is an independent body set up by the Australian Government to study local policy and regulatory frameworks surrounding the converged media and communications environment.

Convergence Review Committee chair, Glen Boreham, said opening up to the views of the public is a vital condition for the committee.

"This interactive approach allows everyone to contribute to the review and tell us what they want from the media and communications environment," he said.

The discussion pages complement the formal submission process for the framing paper, outlining principles that the committee feels could underpin any future policy framework.

It is part of the committee’s approach in utilising social media tools to instigate discussion around the Convergence Review – covering topics that include Australian content, community standards and media diversity.

The discussion pages and framing paper submissions are open until June 10.

The discussion pages are available here. More information can be accessed through its Facebook and Twitter sites.