Surf Life Saving Australia rides Fujitsu’s cloud

The centralised operational data store, reporting application and portal development will be shifted to the cloud in the next two months

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has selected Fujitsu cloud services as the infrastructure underpinning the ‘Saves Time Saves Lives’ ICT project.

Starting with a review of SLSA’s IT systems in 2008, the ‘Saves Time Saves Lives’ project aims to improve service levels, save time and facilitate commercial expansion by providing sophisticated business and communications tools and applications.

The development of the ICT project has seen Fujitsu so far provide a centralised operational data store (CODS) and reporting application that allows the SLSA access to a single national enterprise view of its information. It also includes applications; a members’ portal which is linked to web-based content and workflow management; and voice recognition and telephony services to enable on-beach access to services.

The CODS, reporting application and portal development was hosted in the interim by Fujitsu’s Datacentre Web Hosting services. In the next two months Fujitsu will transition the completed work to the cloud infrastructure.

The final phase of this project will see a review of SLSA’s legacy systems, which will provide Fujitsu with a further opportunity to assist the organisation to move its full IT infrastructure from ageing on-premise servers to the cloud.

SLSA national IT manager, Gary Daly, said one of the greatest challenges for SLSA was reducing the amount of time required for the administration of clubs and services.

“The new Fujitsu cloud infrastructure will allow us to address these efficiency requirements as well as the increasing need to provide broader and better services; and to collect more data for internal management, government reporting and public education programs,” Daly said.