Get Hoppin for convergence: SK Telecom Korea

Allows for seamless content management across gadgets

NZ mobile technologist and Internet veteran, Belinda Simcox, told the KANZ Broadband Summit that adoption of the mobile Internet is progressing at eight times the rate of the desktop Internet.

Simcox said converging technologies is creating an explosive growth.

“With all this incredible data intelligence, this is your opportunity as a business to build a far more engaging relationship with your consumer and a more intimate relationship with your customer,” she said.

SK Telecom’s director of platform – media platform division, Leo Y.K. Jun, reiterated the need for a platform that relates with consumer and manages content across many devices.

Sometimes, TV content can only be consumed on a TV and mobile content, such as YouTube, can only be consumed with a connection – leading to staggering consumption patterns.

He suggested Australian businesses should implement technologies such as Hoppin, SK Telecom's multi-screen personal media service that provides multimedia content across a variety of point of consumptions (POCs) on smartphones, TVs and PCs.

“You can start watching content on your mobile device, get to work, log in to our site and seamlessly continue watching [it] on the Web and after you get back home, plug the mobile device into your cradle (that’s connected via HDMI cable to your TV) and continue it,” Jun said.

This provides consumers with the level of freedom to watch whatever they want wherever and however they wish to.

“The trick is trying those individual products out and connecting the dots to provide a really pervasive, seamless and consistent experience to the customers,” he said.

Hoppin also uses customer personalisation to make intelligent recommendations, similar to Amazon and Netflix.

By analysing the data usage of consumers – the ratings, comments, content and metadata involved in the ingestion of the content and the emotional tagwords associated with the content, Hoppin can provide personalised recommendations.

SK Telecom Korea is also looking to extend Hoppin’s features by adding other potential applications such as product placement.

While, Hoppin currently runs on Wi-Fi and 3G network infrastructure, it will become faster with the introduction of 4G LTE services in Korea later this year.

However, Simcox said there are ethical responsibilities surrounding such a development.

“There is an incredible level of responsibility with it because you develop so much metadata and information about your consumer, that you need to be transparent,” she said.