Vawdrey appointed to Fujitsu global business group post

Mike Foster will be acting A/NZ CEO as Fujitsu finds a replacement

Fujitsu A/NZ CEO, Rod Vawdrey, has been promoted as senior vice-president and president of the Global Business Group.

He replaces Richard Christou. Vawdrey has held the role of A/NZ CEO since August 2003.

In the meantime, group executive director of sales, Mike Foster, will be acting-CEO in A/NZ, while a replacement is being sought. Prior to joining Fujitsu, Foster was the former managing director of KAZ Group.

Vawdrey told ARN the company would be searching internally and externally, and it was only a short period of time before a replacement is found.

In his new role, Vawdrey said he will be working with region CEOs in UK, Europe, Asia and US, and aims to sharpen its focus on cloud computing.

In December, Fujitsu said it was investing $1.2 billion into cloud research and development, and is setting up six global cloud centres.

Vawdrey said he wanted to get all the different cloud programs consistently deployed across all regions.

“As we move up the value chain, more of our clients are global companies and I’ll be working with the Fujitsu Japan team to make sure we get a consistent capability across the world, bringing all the regions to co-operate more,” Vawdrey told ARN.

“I’ll be looking to make sure there’s one Fujitsu that looks and operates well with all of our customers in the all different markets that we serve.”