Samsung gets a double win

Named 'best TV brand' by CHOICE, and cleared of allegations of spyware

Korean electronics brand, Samsung, continued its impressive run in the Australian market, being named ‘best TV brand’ at the 2011 CHOICE awards.

This is on the back of a number of achievements for the vendor, including being the first to bring 3D TV technology to Australia in 2010.

This year it has started to roll out its Smart TV range of products – Internet-enabled TVs with full Web browsing, Facebook, Twitter and Skype, as well as a HD TV Apps store, called Samsung Apps.

In other good news for the vendor, it has been cleared of allegations that it had shipped notebook computers infected with spyware.

The spyware allegedly monitors and records user activity – including keystrokes – without user consent. But it has since been discovered that the problem was instead an error by an antivirus program that falsely identified a Microsoft Windows directory as malicious software.