Recall seeks channel partners for data backup service

Recognising a void in the wide area network (WAN) data backup market, Australian-owned Recall Total Information Management recently propelled its new electronic data backup service onto the network management scene.

The company officials said Recall Online uses Delta-processing technology (created by Canadian-based company VytalNet) to back up blocks of critical data from servers, desktops and laptops straight into secure off-site data vaults, where data is re-built and stored.

A subsidiary of Brambles Industries, Recall developed the service following research among its existing record management customers that revealed a need for a more reliable and less time consuming backup system capable of handling large volumes of data.

Recall Online is aimed at large organisations in need of an industrially robust system and is said to deliver a totally automatic WAN data backup solution with centralised management ability.

One of a dozen customers who participated in Recall's service Beta testing three months ago, Sheldon Commercial Interiors, praised the service, both in terms of its backup and storage capabilities and its cost effectiveness.

"The main reason we decided to go with Recall is that we are a small company and we do not have the time or resources to employ a person just to take care of data backup," Peter Law, Sheldon's managing director said.

"With Recall Online, we got an affordable, complete and secure solution for our data backup that totally eliminates the possibility of human error."

Despite the initial decision to sell the product directly to end users, Recall is now seeking to appoint several value added resellers to market the service.

"From one single workstation, that can be a laptop -- as long as it is a 32 bit platform, the network administrator can configure tasks, change the parameters, look at the logs, schedule different times from anywhere in the world, as long as the administrator has a TCP/IP connectivity to his network," a Recall spokesperson told ARN.

Recall Online currently supports Novell NetWare and Windows NT and is expected to start supporting UNIX in the first quarter of 1999.

Recall Total Information Management

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