Briefs: Sybiz, VA Linux Systems, Macromedia

Sybiz hits back with new software suite

After going into damage control following revelations that it had slashed 23 of its staff, Sybiz has re-emerged, brandishing the latest version of its mid-tier accounting software suite. The company has taken the opportunity to launch Sybiz Vision 2.5, simultaneously citing "consolidation" and "improved focus" for its recent restructuring. Sybiz said Vision 2.5 repairs all the issues reported by customers, making it the most robust version of the product to date. The company has also hinted at the introduction of a new product, Sybiz Accountmate, in January. Designed for medium-to-large enterprises, Accountmate will be supplied with source code.

VA shows soft side

VA Linux Systems has unveiled a new version of its collaborative software, SourceForge 3.0 Enterprise Edition, which allows companies to build communities for managing internal development projects. Originally a vendor of hardware systems running the Linux operating system, VA Linux has since shifted its business to selling software that enables technology companies to mimic the development process traditionally used by open-source developers, in which information and ideas are shared freely.

Macromedia ups training

Web development tools builder Macromedia has set up an international network of authorised training centres. Over 2500 centres worldwide will be accredited to educate Web developers on the vendor's Flash, Dreamweaver and ColdFusion products. The Macromedia authorised training partner (MATP) program offers instructor-led courses, complete with new courseware, enhanced program support, instructor certification and quality control assurance. Billed as "task-based" training, the MATPs will provide students with hands-on experience. Macromedia will employ a leading certification and testing company, VUE, to administer certification exams. For a full list of MATPs see