CSC takes prime role in multi-million dollar eHealth Defence deal

Defence is investing more than $55.7 million into its Joint eHealth Data and Information (JeHDI) system

CSC has been selected as the prime system integrator with the Department of Defence to develop and implement a multi-million dollar eHealth system for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Called the Joint eHealth Data and Information (JeHDI) system, it has also been developed inconjunction with Defence and IT services company, Oakton.

The JeHDI system will provide an eHealth record for all personnel, and also give the Department of Defence the ability to map health-related trends of the ADF and derive financial reports on its healthcare costs.

The department is investing more than $55.7 million in the development and delivery of the JeHDI system during the next four years.

“JeHDI is a Web-based system which can be accessed wherever internet is available, while still maintaining confidentiality and data integrity, JeHDI will simplify record management and provide immediate access to patients' medical records and other healthcare information. This will provide great benefits to those who regularly move, such as Defence families,” Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon, said in a statement.

The project will be developed through a staged process, involving a pilot and is expected to be completed in early 2014.

CSC president, Gavin Larkings, said JeHDI represented one of the first comprehensive eHealth record projects across Australia.

The system complements the Australian Government’s National eHealth Strategy, which has committed $466.7 million to develop a personally controlled ehealth records (PCEHR) system that will be available from 2012-13.

"JeHDI is a significant project for Defence and we foresee it as a showcase for Australia's eHealth evolution," Larkings said.