Canon invests in direct SMB sales team

Claims there are plenty of growth opportunities in both direct and indirect sales teams

Canon has appointed Matthew Winlaw as its general manager of SMB.

Winlaw’s appointment is part of Canon’s strategy to significantly invest in personnel in its newly created direct SMB sales force.

Prior to joining Canon, Winlaw worked for Toshiba, HP and Commander holding various sales, management and strategy positions.

The newly formed SMB team is part of the vendor’s aggressive growth strategy in the print and document management market.

Canon describes the SMB market as employers with less than 500 seats.

Canon senior general manager of direct sales, Innes Thomson, said the formation of an SMB direct sales team was to acknowledge it was a significant part of the market.

“It’s a part of the market that would benefit from some assistance and it is a big opportunity for us,” Thomson said. “We want to get a broader footprint and better coverage of the market, something that Canon maybe hadn’t been doing well in the past.

"It’s not about us necessarily taking away from the channel; it’s about having more routes to market and more coverage.”

Thomson said the company had 17 per cent share of the market, which represented plenty of growth for both its direct and indirect sales team.

“We will significantly improve on that [market share] over the next three years. There will be organisations that want to deal with us direct and ones that want to deal with us indirect,” he said.

Canon general manager of partner channel, Brian Nelson, said it wasn’t anticipating a lot of conflict between its direct and indirect sales opportunities.

“We’ve appointed metropolitan partners over the last 18 months across Australia and each of those partners have their own offerings, we’re looking for them to complement our go-to-market strategy rather than competing with Canon,” Nelson said.