IMX expands Amex contract

Powerlan's financial software division, IMX, has signed a global three-year contract with American Express that will see IMX products installed in 40,000 more sites globally.

IMX develops software for currency exchanges and travel funds management. The software has been installed in over 1700 sites worldwide over the past 10 years. Under the terms of the agreement, IMX will supply its full range of products to American Express and its clients worldwide.

The contract is a continuation and expansion of the existing worldwide licensing, product maintenance and support relationship that Amex and IMX have had in place for over four years, according to Powerlan officials.

The deal covers more than 250 individual banks and travel organisations in Japan, more than 1000 sites in Europe as well as institutions in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, the US, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

IMX plans to open an office in the UK to service the contract, the terms of which remain confidential.