StorageNetworks, Fujitsu sign agreement

StorageNetworks rolled much of its storage hosting management software together to offer as a services package for resellers, drawing in Japanese electronics and IT services provider Fujitsu for its first partnership to offer the suite, StorageNetworks announced Monday.

Fujitsu is offering data storage management services to corporate customers co-located at Fujitsu and other data centers in Japan. Fujitsu chose StorageNetworks to partner with in part because the suite is equipment-agnostic -- it is not dependent on gear provided by any specific manufacturer.

"STORfusion allows our partners to enter the storage market efficiently," said Peter Bell, StorageNetworks chairman and chief executive officer, in a phone conference Monday. Touting the offering as a way for companies to offer services without building a service infrastructure up front, Bell said, "every company wants to do more with less. With the economy softening, they want to do more with their existing infrastructure."

The STORfusion service offering packages StorageNetworks' STORos storage operating system, Virtual Storage Portal software and STORvision command and control software, as well as continuous monitoring capabilities and live customer support.

StorageNetworks describes itself as a storage service provider analogous to a phone or electricity utility. It partners with data center owners, managing the data for its clients. The business model allows companies to work with heavy data loads without the capital expenditure of building a storage network.