AppSafe 3500

AppSafe 3500 architecture extracts network traffic from all seven layers of the International Standards Organisation's Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model, thus significantly increasing the switching and analytical capabilities of traditional Layer 2, 3 or 4 routing devices and allowing real-time, adaptive security measures. The AS 3500 rate-limits bandwidth by application, guaranteeing priority for business-critical applications. It also undertakes policy-based networking and routing to resolve congestion in real time and application redirection to cache servers. The unit has a scalable switching architecture, incorporating Top Layer's TopFire chip, GMOM chip with 16 ports of MII interface circuits for fast Ethernet switching and two ports of Gig MII for Gigabit Ethernet switching and MAC layer support, a Queue Manager chip and a Relay Engine chip. The Layer 7 also includes service classes, 801.1p/TOS/DiffServe bit setting, FTP dynamic ports, HTTP URI applications, Sun RPC-based applications, Control of Streaming Traffic Running as RTSP inside HTTP Layer 7 Arbitrary Offset Applications.

AppSafe 3500 retails for $A35,000.

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