Turnbull’s Transparency Bill fails to pass

Bill fails to pass 73 votes to 72 despite Independent MP support

The NBN oversight Bill proposed by Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has failed to pass in the House of Representatives.

Turnbull’s National Broadband Network Financial Transparency Bill 2010 lost 73 votes to 72, despite the support of Independent MP, Rob Oakeshott, and WA Nationals MP, Tony Crook.

The Shadow Communications Minister made an impassioned plea to an almost empty house to pass the legislation in line with the ‘new paradigm’ that is meant to dominate politics after the last election.

“If you seriously believe in the so-called new paradigm, if you seriously believe in accountability, if you seriously believe in letting the sunshine in then how can you allow this Government to keep all of us and all Australians in the dark and spend so much money with no scrutiny, no accountability and no information,” he said.

But when the small number of MPs present from both parties voted on the issue, it lead to a division requiring a full house of MPs that proceeded to vote against the Coalition's plan.

Oakeshott had earlier warned he would most likely vote for the Coalition’s Transparency Bill if the Government’s business plan wasn’t released by today.

ARN contacted the offices of Turnbull and Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, but did not receive comment by time of publication.