DWS launches specialist business analytics practice

The ASX-listed IT services company has become an IBM Cognos partner in the process

ASX-listed IT services company, DWS Advanced Business Solutions (ASX:DWS), has launched its own business analytics practice specialising in IBM Cognos consultancy services.

In a recent address to shareholders, DWS CEO, Danny Wallis, said the company had become an IBM partner through starting its high-end Cognos consultancy service back in September.

IBM Cognos is a suite of products and services for business intelligence and financial performance management.

“This is a more cuddly relationship with a vendor that just happens to be IBM,” DWS NSW business intelligence practice manager, David Norman, said. “We are looking into creating capability within DWS that handles end to end project delivery across those both the traditional business intelligence and information management areas; that is not limited to one vendor.”

DWS will flesh out its vendor portfolio for the new practice in the future.

According to Wallis, the IT services company decided to focus on IBM at this time as it could attract a group of senior staff with relevant Cognos expertise.

“The team we have recruited is of a very high level and is able to build the business as and become mentors for new staff,” he said.

The Cognos team has only been operational for six weeks and has already nabbed several contracts, Wallis said.

“This is a specialist service offering and as such will attract a higher rate than our standard consultancy rates,” he said at the shareholders address. “We expect this practice will contribute positively to earnings for the full year.”

Despite Wallis’ optimism for the new consultancy division, he predicted first half year earnings for the 2011 financial year will be a little flat.

He conceded, however, his conjecture was based on typically dour results during this years’ Federal Election and it was just taking a cautious approach in predicting figures for the next financial year.

DWS had a strong 2010 financial year. Sales revenues jumped eight per cent to $97.7 million and net profit after tax hit $18.52 – a 16 per cent increase.