LaCie D2 Network 2

Recommended for networks with up to 200 users, the device uses a new 1.2GHz processor that is 5x faster than its predecessor. This allows for performance up to 68 MBps, making it the fastest NAS drive now on the market, the vendor claims. It also features automatic software updates, Time Machine capability, and a widget-based Web admin tool. Its USB direct interface allows for flexibility as well as a complete backup solution to ensure data integrity. An aluminium fanless heat sink design, coupled with power-saving modes, scheduled deep sleep, and RoHS compliance helps to reduce the power usage of the LaCie d2 Network 2, making it eco-friendly. Users can connect the d2 Network 2 directly to a computer with a USB cable to access a dedicated USBShare folder of up to 500GB like a normal external hard drive. Distributed by: Express Online and Ingram RRP: $299 for 1TB and $479 for 2TB