3D Networks discovers python in customer's PABX

When 3D Networks conducted a routine maintenance check at one of its customer’s PABX units, it discovered a python inside
The python after it was captured

The python after it was captured

System integrator, 3D Networks, got a bit more than what they bargained for when it discovered a python had made a customer’s PABX system its home.

The integrator had installed the new system a couple of weeks ago for a customer in Browns Plains, Queensland.

A 3D engineering contractor had returned to the site to ensure the Nortel Networks PABX was running smoothly and to hook up a few extra lines, only discover the unusual resident living inside.

“It’s one of the most interesting things that we’ve discovered in a PABX,” 3D Networks northern region sales manager, Todd Rahme, said.

“Luckily it wasn’t poisonous like a brown snake and it was just a matter of pulling it out and releasing it back into the wild.

“The Queensland guys come up against these sorts of things all the time, but not in a PABX cabinet.”

Rahme guessed it would have made its way into the system through the holes where the cables come through. To deter anymore reptilian squatters, 3D has sealed the PABX cabinet.

“I just hope it doesn’t come back,” he said. "I think it's the first time in Australia that something like this has been discovered inside a PABX."