WinDelete Deluxe

WinDelete Deluxe lets you make the most of your PC's disk space by safely stripping away unwanted debris and replacing it with performance-enhancing utilities. It bundles WinDelete 97 with six powerful utilities. From antivirus protection to file encryption, and from backup to tune up, WinDelete Deluxe gives you powerful, practical utilities and the only complete uninstaller. WinDelete Deluxe is the all-round utility solution.

Platform: Win 95, Win NT

Price: $169 RRP

Vendor: IMSI

Distributor: IMSI Australia

Tel (02) 9319 7533 Fax (02) 9319 7625


Sanyo VPC-X300 Digital Camera

Sanyo's latest digital camera boasts a removable SmartMedia memory card and controls that are simple to use. The 810,000 pixel's CCD delivers XGA (1024 x 768) or VGA (640 x 480) images. It has a built-in monitor to view photos as soon as they are taken, and the multi playback function allows nine pictures to be viewed at once. Other features include a 3x digital zoom, auto focus, auto flash, exposure correction, macro function, multi-shot function and a voice-memory function.

Platform: Mac OS, Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows 3.11Price: $1399 RRPVendor: SanyoDistributor: Sanyo AustraliaTel (02) 9735 3800 Fax (02) 9746 1344HARDWAREWinfast 3D L2300 3D Graphics Accelerator CardWinfast 3D L2300 3D Graphics Accelerator Card is a high-performance 3D graphics accelerator card. It is a integrated 2D/3D card that doesn't require an extra slot in your PC. PCI and AGP versions are available. It has 8MB 64-bit SGRAM, 250MHz RAMDAC, up to 32bpp colour depth and draws 1 million 3D polygons per second. It also has open GL, direct 3D, and Heidi drivers. It addition it boasts an upgradable BIOS.

Platform: Win 95/98, Win NT

Price: The PCI version is $469 RRP; the AGP version is $399 RRPVendor: LeadTek ResearchDistributor: IntreSource Australia Tel (02) 9807 6999 Fax (02) 9807 6566HARDWARE PERIPHERALLN15N-AZ and LN15N-BZ PrintersThe LN15N printers are 14ppm network laser printers, which come standard with 19MB RAM. They have the following features: a robust auto-sensing network interface; Post Script level 2 and PCL5e compatibility; and 600 x 600dpi (up to 2400 x 600dpi). The AZ model has a 10base2 duplex option, while the BZ model has a 10Base-T duplex option. They are C-tick approved and come with a one-year on-site warranty.

Platform: Novell Netware 3.12, 4.1, 4.11; IBM AIX 4.1; HP-UX 9.x, 10.x; Solaris V2.5; SunOs V4.12; SGI V5.3; Digital Unix, Digital OpenVMSPrice: both printers are priced from $3095 RRP (ex tax)Vendor: Genicom Tel (02) 9417 6411 Fax (02) 9417 6739Distributors: i.t.connXions, Digiland, SMQ and Hall MarkPERIPHERALInternet KeyboardThe new Internet Keyboard features a detachable palm rest, standard layout and an additional 17 buttons for instant Web- browser control and easy navigation. In addition, a special Logitech key and the Logitech Key Commander software included support extra functions and make the basic 12 function keys user-programmable. The keys can be set to open favourite Web sites, applications, files, folders and volumes (the f-keys retain their standard functions). Users can also increase, decrease and mute sound volume through the keyboard.

Platform: IBM-compatible PC with a free AT or PS/2 port. MS-DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win NT 4.x and Win 98Price: $69 RRPVendor: LogitechDistributor: Logitech Australia Computer PeripheralsTel (02) 9972 3711 Fax (02) 9972 3570www.logitech.comSOFTWAREUpgradeAID 98UpgradeAID 98 is a software utility that allows users to install Windows 98 while keeping their entire Windows 95 system intact. One of the least publicised aspects of upgrading to Windows 98 is that once users have upgraded their system they will not be able to simply "switch back" to Windows 95. UpgradeAID 98 will provide relief for the scores of people who are understandably anxious about upgrading their system.

Platform: Win 95 (upgrading to Win 98)

Price: $39.95 RRP

Vendor: Syncronys Softcorp

Distributor: Marketing Results

Tel (02) 9899 5888 Fax (02) 9899 5728

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