Compellent sees wealth of opportunity in Australia

The vendor has appointed Craig Stockdale as its local managing director

SAN storage vendor, Compellent, is expecting big things from Australia following its official launch in the region.

The vendor has appointed Craig Stockdale as its local managing director.

Stockdale is a veteran of the industry, and has been responsible for successfully bringing a number of innovative brands into the local market in the past.

Its local presence also includes Stephen Madden as its solutions architect. Although a staff of two might seem small, Compellent is a 100 per cent channel organisation, and already has a strong relationship with a number of reseller partners.

Sententia, Regal IT and XSI form the initial reseller trio that Stockdale said he hoped would build to 10-12.

Compellent is interested in quality over quantity, and is interested in reseller partners willing to make a joint commitment to building the local market. Furthermore, Compellent wants to make sure it is properly covering the region in terms of both geography and vertical sectors.

Though Compellent has been operating in the local market for some years - signing its first of 26 customers as early as 2007, the vendor felt the need to ramp up its marketing push.

"We hope the official launch of Compellent in Australia demonstrates how serious we are about the region," Stockdale said.

"We have 2000 users in 35 countries around the world - that's significant," he said. "We're also one of the fastest growing SAN vendors - last year we had a 36 per cent year-on-year growth."

Australia is an especially attractive region for multinationals looking to overseas growth, having emerged out of the global financial crisis in a relatively robust condition. However, Compellent is also in the process of setting up a business in China, Japan, India and other emerging Asian markets, suggesting a regional push that will see it a much larger player in the future, and in line with the company motto to be the next $1 billion storage vendor.

Interestingly, and in stark contrast to much of the rest of the industry, Compellent has kept away from growth through acquisition. Stockdale said this was a deliberate strategy to keep the technology the vendor does own as core to its business.