Jasco Consulting looks to double its business

Microsoft partner says it couldn't have the capability to grow without its relationship with the software giant

Microsoftpartner, Jasco Consulting, is looking to double its presence over the next 18 months.

Managing director, Jason McClintock, said since becoming a Microsoft partner four years ago, it had 12 staff and it now has 50 employees.

“We’re looking for the next 50,” McClintock said. “The next 18 months to two years, we want to double again.”

McClintock put its growth capability down to its relationship with Microsoft.

“We're out there doing the work and all those things, but the opportunities that we've been given by being a Microsoft partner have really helped that growth spur along,” he said.

McClintock said two years ago it had decided to make a serious investment in virtualisation and management through dedicating time, resources and training.

“We’ve doubled that last year and we’re doubling it again this year,” he said. “The payoff has been there all the way through and it’s been a worthwhile investment.”

The software giant is due to introduce changes to its Gold certification status and McClintock believed there needed to be a bigger differentiation between a Gold partner and the 14,000 other partners out there.

“We’re looking forward to it,” he said. “Four months ago we set out our training plan and the certifications that we needed. When it goes live in October, we’ll have all the certifications around virtualisation and unified communications so we can maintain and be recognised both within the industry.”

Microsoft product manager for server and infrastructure, Rosemary Stark, said it wasn’t successful without its channel community.

“We’re looking at supporting the changes to the way that customers consume technology and we’re supporting partners in being able to change their business to suit that,” Stark said. “We're trying to provide a solution for partners no matter how much they're engaging, and also something that will scale with our partners. It's not perfect, we're always looking to improve because they're great at giving us feedback on what is and what isn't working.

“Sometimes we may not get it quite right, but we're always looking at ways to make it better for partners and customers.”

Julia Talevski attended the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference as a guest of Microsoft.