Avnet nabs Ruckus and Toshiba

The distributor has signed distribution deals for wireless and storage products

Avnet has inked distribution deals with Ruckus Wireless and Toshiba.

Formed in 2004, Ruckus specialises in products for robust wireless signals and opened its first Australian office last month after having been in the local market for some time.

Lan1 is the existing distributor for Ruckus. The vendor decided to take on a second partner to supercharge local growth with enterprise customers. Avnet will have access to the entire range of Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products except for its IPTV portfolio for telcos.

“We have some fairly lofty goals set for us so we needed to scale the business for some serious growth. As such we wanted to appoint another distributor to help us do that,” Ruckus country manager, Carl Jefferys, said.

“We went with Avnet because they didn’t have a significant Wi-Fi product in their portfolio so [the partnership] made sense for them.”

The distributor wanted a wireless vendor to complement its networking solutions.

Despite unavoidable overlaps between Lan1 and Avnet, Jefferys is confident the two distributors can coexist in the Ruckus business.

“Lan1 tends to focus on a lot of security products with many resellers in the security space with IP cameras and they fit well with Wi-Fi,” he said. “Avnet is more of a broad-based distributor.”

Avnet is also unperturbed by Lan1’s presence.

“From our perspective, our strategy all along was to build our solutions portfolio,” Avnet marketing director, Michael Costigan, said. “We have a lot of existing networking resellers that are working on Juniper and Siemens so we see it as a natural extension to give them a wireless offering.

“So we don’t see any overlap.”

The hospitality industry is the vendor’s primary target market as hotels increasingly require reliable wireless Internet services for their guests.

Jefferys said Ruckus is also concentrating on the education and health sector.

“Hospitals require mobility for tablets for electronic medical records which means they need to have decent Wi-Fi to allow applications to work properly,” he said.

With Toshiba, Avnet has taken on the vendor’s full range of mobile and enterprise hard drives.

Avnet vice-president, Jaideep Malhotra, said in a statement the deal meant it could connect channel partners to more customers and give them access to developing markets.

“Our aim is to bring the right combination of resources to help bring more solutions to the market and educate and enable more business partners on Toshiba solutions,” he said.

“Toshiba is a very proactive manufacturer, in that [it] will work with Avnet to create channels to market.

“The commitment that Toshiba has demonstrated in forging this relationship with Avnet will only serve to reinforce the strength of our two companies as we expand our relationship in the Asia-Pacific region.”